SteamBalls + SteamBalls HD
SteamBalls and SteamBalls HD is a new star of Match-3 action puzzle genre.

You’ll find stunning 3D graphics and unique gameplay in the all new game from Digital Worlds!

The goal of the game is simple-to earn as many points as possible and take the first place on the world’s scoreboard by collecting three or more balls of the same color in a horizontal line.

But it is not that simple as it looks! The balls now have weight! We now have real scales on our userface instead of a flat surface! The weight adds new fantastic conditions to the classic gameplay of Match-3 genre! 12 extra balls with unique qualities dramatically expand tactical ability and play. Besides that, do not forget that 5 balls of the same color, if stacked together will form one heavy ball.

- Excellent 3D graphics and special effects animation
- Unique gameplay
- Multitude of tactical schemes
- Open Feint support-prove everyone you are the best by placing first on the world’s scoreboard
- 12 extra balls with their own unique qualities, animation and special effects
- 14 colors-dare to open them all?
- 30 achievements
- Deep, breathtaking gameplay
- Option to listen to your own music while playing