Gold Keeper II
Gold Keeper is a small but dynamic and funny game. Here you can find cynical humor as well as non-stop gameplay and perfect 3D-graphics. This game is a perfect time-killer for the small sessions.

Your character is a demon, who lives in a cave and defends his treasures, which he has been building up for years.

Your enemies are avid villagers from the settlement lying nearby.

Their aim is to steal your gold and to kill you. Your aim is to rebuff the insolent robbers using all means including the hammer and the hatchet.

There is a sign near the entrance to your cave, saying «Violators will be killed! Survivors will be killed again!» And nobody can say that he wasn’t advised!


  • Perfect 3D-graphics and animation
  • Merry voiceovers
  • Non-stop gameplay which never bores and keeps you deeply in the game
  • Online leaderboard
  • Three weapon types, each with its own animation and sound

The game is recommended to all fans of the "survival action".

Dont forget to reboot your device after installing to prevent any problems.